European House Borer

European House Borer

The European House Borer Hylotupes bajulus is considered to be one of the world's most destructive pests of seasoned softwood timbers and is responsible for enormous economic damage in all countries where it has become established. The borer causes severe structural damage to buildings.

The adult female lays up to 2 batches each with up to 120 eggs in the cracks in susceptible softwoods. The larval period normally lasts about 3 to 4 years but 2 and 17 years have been recorded before the adult beetle leaves the timber.

European House Borer attacks only softwood timber such as true pines, spruce and firs. Timbers commonly used for structural purposes in Australia including hoop pine, radiata pine and bunya pine have been shown to be susceptible to serious damage. All timber and timber articles entering Australia from overseas are subject to detailed inspection on arrival.

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